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The role of flowers in design

Something about flowers makes them a wonderful gift and a perfect decoration for any kind of event. Working as a decorator, I noticed that people enjoy dining in a room full of freshly cut flowers more than, if it were decorated with balloons or paper garlands. Any location immediately becomes cozier and prettier.

I believe that it’s that way because deep inside all humans are nature kids. Many people nowadays spend most of their time sitting at home in front of TV or a computer and pretend to like it. However, the fact that they usually have different health problems, feel sluggish and sleepy speaks for itself. Even they have to go out and enjoy fresh air, sky beauty and the murmur of the wind playing with tree leaves.

Adding a flower bouquet, a branch of a conifer, a box with some growing grass can completely change the atmosphere in your home and make it more welcoming. It’s also a nice life hack for those who don’t like to wash the floor every weekend. Some plants in your home can make the air fresher and cleaner.

However, if you don’t want to pack your house up with fresh flowers or home plants, you can add some images of flowers instead. They’ll work as good as the real ones. For example, have you ever seen a room decorated in an authentic Provence style? Main characteristics of it are:

  • This style demands good quality furniture made from wood or metal;

  • Lots of fabrics, for instance, beautiful lamp-shades, covers, tea-cloth.

  • The most popular ornament is a flowery one. Everyone know that this style is one of the coziest ever existed.

  • Lots of elegant accessories like mirrors or vases are more than welcome.

When I was decorating my home, I’ve decided to add a couple of Provence traits as well. I used delicate pastel colors of yellow and green to make the room bigger and lighter.

I hanged on my wall a beautiful painting of flowers by Leonid Afremov. He’s a world-renown artists whose works tend to use many impressionistic themes and techniques. Looking at this famous painting touches my heart as some sad and melancholic songs awake our souls sometimes,link . Yellow and red petals of the flowers seem to bring original scent of summer into my home, which is especially good during long summer evenings.